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Friday, March 30th, 2001
9:01 pm
Thursday, March 29, 2001

Lets C

I went to the thrift store today. I saw my little friend. Well... Hes not really my friend. But he is little. He works at the thrift store I always go to. I got a AWESOME green sweater with flowers and beads and stuff on it. Its rad. It rules arss. And I also got a shirt that says "Opreland". thats cool too. yEAH.

I just got home from bible study. It was good. I went by myself. My sister couldn't go with me. I would have sat by myself, but this girl from my American Government class was there. Shes really nice.

SOMETHING THAT BUGS ME!:when people compliment me, followed with "where did you get it?" and then the next day they tell me "I went to three differant stores trying to find shoes **EXACLY LIKE YOURS**"! like I'm suposed to be happy their jacking my style. And this one girl is so bad I have to advertantly change my style when I'm around her, just so she won't turn into my clone. I mean, I try to take it as a compliment. BUT IT SEEMS LIKE EVERYONE WANTS TO BE ME!!!! Geez. Its even starting to happen in my dreams. Okay how bad is this?? the other night I dreampt that that one chick asked me where I got something and I yelled at her!


Okay. I'm going to drink some chocolate milk now. goodbye.
9:00 pm
Tuesday, March 27, 2001

Last week:

I went to the dentist. They poked my teeth with sharp metal things.

I went to the eye doctors. I ordered some really awesome glasses. I wanted to get the Gucci ones, but they were tooooooo expensive.

I went and saw Ghoti Hook and the Dingees! That was great. There wernt that many people there. I was ReAlLy suprized. Anyways, the Dingees were awesome. And Ghoti Hook was too funny. Joel was wearing TIGHT black pants with silver stars on them.


And the next day I went to a local emo show. It was pretty darn fun. I took a bunch of friends. We hung out. I got some cherry coke. The good kind from Johnny Rockets. yeah.

AND I SAW MY DREAM BOY!!!!!! I won't elaborate on that right now. But I will say he might be at the Juliana Theory-Squad Five-O show on the 13th. Maybe. Because hes a emo boy.

Okay bye.
8:59 pm
Thursday, March 22, 2001

Okay, the time on this thing is jacked up. So its not really the 22nd.. Its the 21st. And its 9:47 PM

I didn't go to my cake class.

I just got home from bible study! I'm so stoked. Theres this new councelor/intern and hes from london. Hes really nice, and he used to be a punk rocker. And like I really think God sent him to me and my friends. Mostly my friend Karla. Because shes really into punk and she needs some help. But its great. And the cool thing is, hes not taken up by all the popular kids!! Like, the other councelors are better friends with all the cool kids, and all the not-so-cool kids are stuck with maybe a "hello," but no personal attention... But this guy seems like he could really care.

File this under WEIRD:

One of the "POPULAR" guys was looking at me the whole time at bible study. He could have a secret CrUsh on me, but he could also be playing a mean joke. I don't want to find out. I hope in the future he'll keep his looks to himself.

'Theres a beautiful sky tonight well, if you were by my side then we could share this but you're gone, so come at me with your moon and burn me in the stars cuz nothing matters anymore.'

Alright.. I'm finished.
8:59 pm
Wednesday, March 21, 2001

I need to go to my cake decorating class today. I wish I could go thrift store shopping instead. But since I'm one of the teachers in the class, I guess I'm obligated. BBBBLAHHH!

I need to buy my dress for Fashoin Reveiw. Hmm, I'm thinking a pink 50's dress with black leather excessories. O yeah.

This sunday I'm going to see a band that I really don't like. I mean they're good music and everything, I will give them that. But I have personal conflicts with one of the band members. I mean, how can you go out with a girl who has a boyfriend (which shes appearently going to marry) who lied to her mom about where she was going to be, and not see a problem with it? Geez.

Anyways, whats the differance between mashed patatoes and pea soup?

You can mash patatoes, but you certainly can't pee soup.
8:58 pm
Tuesday, March 20, 2001


The word is:Today I went to my oil painting class. It was good, I didn't get any paint on my sisters pants (which I was wearing... er.. Am wearing..) I painted fruit. I wanted to eat the grapes.

Oh yeah that reminds me..

The name of that coffee house was Street Light. It had nothing to do with stars.

Yeah okay I'm going to go make my dad some tea now. Because hes sick.

Peace out homie G.
8:57 pm
Monday, March 19, 2001

Alright understand this:

I'm listening to the Ramones. I'm bored.

I had to get up at 7:00 for American Government class. Everyone in the class, including myself aparently did NOT do their homework. The teacher was mad. It was depressing. Then some Congress dude came to talk to us, and we were all suposed to have two questions written out for him, so when he asked the enevidable question "Any questions?" we wouldn't look like a bunch of idiots. I did not have two questions. I did not have ONE question. But luckily a couple of over-acheivers had some pretty good questions for him. It all worked out.

Okay bye.
Sunday, March 18th, 2001
9:47 pm
See here boy,
The other night I went to a super rockin' hardcore emo show. Noise Ratchet, Stairwell, Focused. Some other bands played too. A very cool very new band by the name of 'Cold Weather Rescue' played. They were pretty tight. I liked them all except for the three skanky chicks wearing their T-shirts. I drove a van load of friends. Shows are better when you have an abundance (sp?)of friends there.
Anways. It was great. I met this really nice boy. He was from the band Melee. They're pretty groovie. And the guitar player RICK is a little hottie. go to their website and check them out www.meleerocks.com..
After the show we hung out at Denny's for a while. No drag queens showed up though (much to my dismay). Afterwards they crashed at my crib. In the morning we woke up to my mom fixing green eggs for us in honor of St. Patricks day. Yeah so that was pretty much my weekend. Nothing else exciting.

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9:28 pm
This is only a test.
Funky pigeons lick excited kittens.

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