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midgetsnmonkeys's Journal

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Bar Bara
16 November
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My name is Barbara and I'm from Orange County. I'm a homeschooled student, and I'm really into art, art history, music, shakespeare and stuff like that. I like to paint and draw. I'm really good at drawing Manga. I'm christian and I love God. I'm anti-abortion, and Straight Edge, but I am not vegan. I love all types of music. Especially emo, and classic rock. You can call me lame, but I'm really into style, and way of dressing. I am currently working on my running shoe fun-ness. I play bass guitar.. I have a 4string Musicman Sting Ray. Its black sparkly and it rules ars. I've been playing for about 3 years.. I have mad skills. Or so I would like you to beleive. I love the 80's.

My ideal guy:
A hardcore-straight-edge-emo-punkin-fun-kid who loves GOD.
tattoos, peircings, dyed hair, running shoes, converse all stars, dickies, oh yeah thats what I be talking about. Blue eyes are nice.
Short :)

Good bands:
the Getup Kids, Ghoti Hook, the Dingees, Stairwell, New Found Glory, 238, Ninety Pound Wuss, Jimmy Eat World, Squad Five-O, AFI, the Who, Cutting Crew, Drama Rama, Groovie Ghoulies, the Ataris, Weezer, Noise Ratchet, Radio Head, Sunny Day Realestate, the Annaversary, Limbeck, Boston, Blaster The Rocketman, Van Halen, Angel Elament, Sex Pistols, Deadlines, the Huntingtons, the Beatles, the Cure, Ramones, Juliana Theory, Saves the Day.

Good songs:
I Want you Around, I Died in Your Arms Tonight, Closest Thing, Just like Heaven, Sell My Old Clothes I'm Off to Heaven, Summer Wind Was Always Our Song, I Want to Hold Your Hand, I Just Threw Out the Love of my Dreams

Random things (that I like):
playing bass, going to shows, coffee, hunting beach in the middle of the nite, hanging out with my homies, going to concerts with my MOM, indie rock, PEARLS art store, cool shoes, rain clouds, art, reading, movies, emo kids

*You know if it was true I'de be so good to you, I'll never treat you cruel, as long as I got you around*

Dale Yob, Adam Garbinski = hotties

Okay, I'm finished.

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